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Cloudmaster™ Central Irrigation and Lighting Control System

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Cloudmaster Presence Grows

Over 18 Councils have now chosen Cloudmaster™ for their central control system. The total number of parks, reserves, playing fields, tennis courts etc. is around 360. Irrigation, flood lighting, security lighting, hot water systems and BBQs are controlled and monitored from the central PC, over the internet or via SMS.



Cloudmaster and Tonick Decoder System

Our customers now have the option of adding decoder stations to their Cloudmaster system with the integration of the Tonick Watering Systems™ decoders into the Cloudmaster controller and central PC software.

Decoder technology works by sending power and control signals along a single copper pair cable. Individually addressable decoders are spliced into this cable to provide station outputs at the point they are required. More stations can be added at any time by simply adding decoders. This approach also minimises the amount of cable required.

Cloudmaster gives you the best of both technologies in the one expandable system.



Enviropro Soil Moisture Sensors Directly Connect to Cloudmaster

After AquaSpy probes became difficult to obtain in Australia, we have developed the Cloudmaster product so our customers can connect one or more of the Enviropro™ multiple level soil moisture sensors directly to the Cloudmaster controller. Soil moisture thresholds can be set via the keypad or from the central PC software. Real time soil moisture levels can be queried via SMS from any (or only authorised) mobile phone.

The result is a system that is far more powerful than simply setting a knob on site and having the sensor break the common wire of the valves. Significant water savings can be achieved.